It handles approx. 350,000 tonnes of goods over the quay in the Lyngdal sea area, distributed over approx. 380 calls annually. Hence approx. 300,000 tonnes of dry bulk (stone and gravel) and normally approx. 300 calls at Hausvik harbor facility. Due to the high salt content in the sea, the fjord is always ice-free, which means safe sailing conditions in the winter.

The Holmsundet harbor facility comprises the quay facility and the adjacent area with buildings and industrial area. In addition, tender quays for cruise calls at Agnefest and Rosfjord are included in the port facility's ISPS planning.

The terminal also has extensive infrastructure for ship storage. Above the Holmsundet harbor facility, wood and general cargo, in addition to asphalt, salt and earth, make up the main share of cargo.

Agnefest is used primarily for receiving asphalt and other goods by ship in national traffic. As of today, there is no regular traffic in Lyngdal harbor on the public quay. Focus areas for Lyngdal harbor are cruises and the provision of storage spaces for ships and rigs.

There is some activity with aquaculture with land-based farming at Hausvik. This includes wrasse and is in the process of expanding to farming cod fry. In addition, there is salmon farming in Grønsfjorden. Neither the municipality nor the port has income linked to the activity.

Rosfjorden, Lyngdal / Listerhavnene

Holmsundet, Lyngdal

Kart over havn, Holmsundet, Lyngdal
Quay name Length of the dock Depth Notice Land registry number
Agnefest municipal quay 90 meters 6-10 meters Allocates only 2 meters from the quayside at the property to Yamaha boat and motor center AS. ISPS operations with the reception of tender boats from cruises and floating docks at Rossfjord are included in the Holmsundet harbor facility's ISPS planning Part of 171/20.
Holmsundet harbor facility 70 meters 10.5 meters Part of 171/36, 64/43, 63/29 and 64/6. 63/126, 63/112, 63/107, 63/80


Building Area
63/103 Holmsundet About. 300 m2
63/106 Holmsundet About. 250 m2
63/43 Plastic hall About. 480 m2

Total available power/power for boats/rigs in Lyngdal harbor is 4600Kva, divided into:


Place Current/power
Holmsundet 1 690 VAC Max 1600Kva. Total 1338A
Holmsundet 2 430 VAC Max 920 Kva. Total 1520A
Transformer, container 690 VAC 1600 Kva. Total 1338A
Inner Holmsundet 3 400 VAC Max 480 Kva. Total 700A
Cruise ship Estimated at 1600-2500 Kva
Yamaha boat & motor center AS 430 VAC Max 750 Kva. Total 1100A
Kart over havn, Holmsundet, Lyngdal

Hausvik, Lyngdal

Kart over havn, Hausvik, Lyngdal
Quay name Length of the dock Depth Notice Land registry number
Hausvik Port Facility 40 meters 12-15 meters Operated by Velde/Lindland Maskin AS. Part of 11/28, 11/23, 11/24 and 11/14.

Korshavn, Lyngdal

8 meter fishing quay used by Korshavn Havbruk, part of gnr/bnr 5/42.

Kart over havn i Korshavn