About us

Listerhavnen IKS is owned by the municipalities of Lyngdal and Farsund. The company must appear as an active partner in the region and contribute to offering cost-effective and good solutions for users of the port company's services.

The company agreement for Listerhavnen IKS was signed by the mayors of Lyngdal and Farsund on 29.12.21. The company became operational on 01.01.2022. The framework for organizing the IKS and the framework for the company's operations is set out in the IKS Act, the Ports and Waters Act and the company agreement.

Clause 3, 1 and 2 of the partnership agreement says:

"The company's purpose is to ensure efficient, rational and competitive operation of the municipalities' port facilities. The company is to be an environmentally friendly port and transport hub for south-west Norway and facilitate moving more transport of goods from road to sea, as well as assist the owner municipalities with the development of more jobs in maritime-related industries.

The company shall exercise the authority and take care of the tasks assigned to the municipalities under the Ports and Waters Act, as well as operate and manage the ports' capital and asset values according to commercial and sustainable principles."

Collaboration partners

Lundevågen, Farsund / Listerhavnene

Contact persons

Tom Egil Ravndal

Harbor master


Alf Johnny Iddeland



Turid Rosaasen



Øystein Hadland

Maintenance Farsund


Steinar Litland

Maintenance Lyngdal


Thora Arnadottir

Tourism manager in Farsund


The board for 2022 (from 11.02.22) – 2023

Stein A. Ytterdahl

Chairman of the board

Arnfinn Havås

Deputy head

Karl Reidar Danielsen


Annbjørg Nystøl Knudsen


Liv Birkeland


Anne Margit Haugen Mushom


The representative office for 2022 – 2023

Jan Kristensen

Head of the supervisory board

Arnt Abrahamsen

Member of the representative office

Unni Nilsen Husøy

Member of the representative office

Hilde Rullestad

Member of the representative office