Traffic information

Ports of Lister has more than 1,000 ship calls annually. This amounts to approx. 1 million tonnes of refrigerated goods in/out, which corresponds to 100 truck trains a day.

The landing activity mainly consists of the dry bulk market (timber/timber, sand, shingle, asphalt, salt and soil). There is also general cargo and some container transport.

Bulk and freight traffic

Bulk and freight traffic is divided into the categories dry and wet bulk for smelters, fish and fish feed, aggregates (sand, shingle, gravel and asphalt), timber, offshore, general cargo and containers.

Listerhavnene - Lundevågen, Farsund


Ports of Lister are attractive cruise destinations between Kristiansand and Stavanger with a wide range of varied excursions. In recent years, the ports have experienced continuous growth within the cruise segment. Cruises have therefore become a focus area for the port company. Income from cruise and passenger traffic helps to maintain and develop infrastructure that is also used by cargo ships and other sea traffic, and cruises contribute to increased local value creation within tourism and trade, as well as the maritime industry. There is a "One ship a day" policy for cruise ships, which makes the Lister ports an exclusive port for many shipping companies.

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In Farsund, the cruise boats are anchored in Nordsundet and the peat quay is a tender quay. Vekter Elin works to ensure that everyone feels welcome in the port. Elin creates a friendly and helpful environment, and works actively to ensure a positive experience for the port users. Photo: Magne Storøy.

Cruise / Listerhavnene

In Lyngdal, the cruise boats anchor in the innermost part of the Rosfjord, and Agnefest is a tender quay.


Farsund has had a long tradition of commercial fishing, but today the industry mainly consists of an additional industry for small players, with smaller fishing boats and equipment. Listerhavnen undertakes the operation and maintenance of fishing harbours.

Our fishing ports are

  • Gåsholmen
  • Listahavn
  • Chaff feast
  • Korshavn

Reception of fish

  • Sea, fish and shellfish (Listahavnen)
Listerhavnene - Lundevågen, Farsund