Are you going to build, dig or do other work in the sea?

Ports of Lister processes applications for measures at sea in accordance with the Ports and Waterways Act. This applies to measures to be carried out in the municipalities of Lyngdal and Farsund.

Bryggen i Farsund

Which measures are subject to application

All types of measures that may affect the safety or accessibility of the waters require permission from the authorities. This also applies to measures on land if these affect safety or accessibility in the waters.

Examples of measures that are subject to application at Listerhavnen IKS:

  • Construction of a quay, wharf or breakwater
  • Digging, dredging and filling
  • Construction of bridges
  • Laying of cables and pipes in the sea
  • Establishment of air span
  • Other measures that may prevent or make other uses or important traffic difficult. These can be events in the string zone, for example regattas or boat races.

If you are in doubt about what is compulsory to apply for, we recommend that you contact us.

The municipality's area of responsibility according to the Ports and Waters Act is the entire sea area up to 1 nautical mile outside the baseline.

If the measure is in the management zone of the main manager and images, it is The Coastal Agency which is authority.

Contact info Kystverket:

Switchboard 07847
PO Box 1502, 6025 Ålesund

Note: Most of the measures that are subject to application under the Ports and Waters Act are also subject to application under the Planning and Building Act and must be processed in a separate building case with the relevant municipality.

The owner of the measure is himself responsible for familiarizing himself with the laws and regulations that will apply to the measure.

How to apply for a permit

Feel free to use ours application form, which you can download here. You send the form and attachments by e-mail to, or to Listerhavnene IKS, PO Box 100, 4552 Farsund.

What should the application contain?

The application must contain a completed application form and a situation map showing the planned measure. You must also attach documentation that shows that the measure does not conflict with the municipality's adopted land plans.

You should therefore first contact the municipality, which will assess the measure according to the plan. It is sufficient to attach written communication such as a letter or e-mail correspondence. If the measure is in conflict with the area plan, you must attach a dispensation decision.

Case processing time and fee

The ordinary processing time is four weeks. In order to process an application, an application form, map section and confirmation from the municipality's planning and building department that the measure is in accordance with the plan is required.

A processing fee is required for processing applications in accordance with the provisions of the Ports and Waterways Act. The fee depends on the measure class, based on the measure's complexity and scope. More information and fee rates can be found in our price list.