Port operations in Norway and globally are experiencing clear trends that involve significant changes and restructuring. These trends require a professional approach, flexibility and efficient handling of port logistics.

Within the port business, there is a growing demand for services related to property and ship storage. Professional property management is essential to ensure optimal utilization of the port areas and facilities. This includes planning and development of infrastructure, lease agreements and operational maintenance of properties and warehouses in the port areas.

Ship storage services also play an important role in port operations. This includes safe and efficient storage and maintenance handling of ships during periods when they are not in active use. Ports that offer ship storage services ensure that the ships are stored in a safe manner, carry out the necessary maintenance and are ready for use when the need arises.

In order to meet the trends in the port business and meet the needs for professionalisation, flexibility and fast handling, it is important that port operators continuously adapt and offer efficient and reliable services. This will help to ensure optimal and forward-looking port operations that meet the ever-changing needs of maritime industries and logistics in general.

Property - vacant premises and areas

Listerhavnene IKS disposes of several properties in the owner municipalities, both commercial space and buildings. A central part of Listerhavnen IKS' task is to manage properties. The port capital managed by Listerhavnene IKS, on behalf of the owner municipalities, consists of land, buildings and port facilities, among other things. These properties must be further developed for the good of the company, the owners and the users, and must be developed, among other things, to improve the conditions of sea transport.

Rental of real estate accounts for a large part of the company's income. Contact Listerhavnene IKS's administration for available premises and areas.

Ship storage

Ship layup is a term for larger vessels that lie for a longer period, with reduced staffing or inactive, without cargo or assignments. Listerhavnen offers berths with mainly good power supply, good mooring possibilities and other arranged conditions and facilities for ships. Listerhavnen has in recent years been the world's largest port for storage of seismic vessels.

Our storage locations

Lundevågen, Farsund / Listerhavnene


Holmsundet, Lyngdal / Listerhavnene


Bugdøy, Farsund

Bug Island