Environment and sustainability

Listerhavnene IKS is a publicly owned port company whose aim is to be a forward-looking actor and a standard-setter for sustainable development.

The company is dedicated to helping to solve the environmental challenges the world faces by facilitating smart solutions and practices in port and terminal operations.

Listerhavnene IKS has a vision of becoming a green port with a focus on lower climate emissions and the use of green technology. They have a strong commitment to sustainable development that meets today's needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

The environmental goals of the ports of Lister include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, running environmentally friendly port operations, and contributing to reduced waste and emissions into the sea.

The ports of Lister also faces various environmental challenges such as emissions of greenhouse gases from shipping, pollution in the sea, waste management and noise. Through targeted efforts and strategies, the company seeks to handle these challenges and minimize their environmental impact.

As an environmentally friendly and sustainable port business, Listerhavnene IKS is committed to continuing its efforts to preserve the environment, support the local community and run the business in a way that promotes sustainable development.

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